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What Can You Guess On At Comeon! Sports

*Online Gambling and Endless Runner Games - A Snapchat Educational Video Story*(follow my Snapchat EduSnaps at ivan_psy )In this article Dr Ivan Ferrero explains the other side of the coin: Endless Games may be the door to Online Gambling.It all starts with a neurosciences research: a group of researchers took a group of rats and created an action-reward system: the more the reward, the more the risk and the less the chance to win the prize ( added lights and sound.After a period of training the rats acted in a very rational way: they preferred low but more probable rewards.Then researchers made the lights brighter and brighter, and sound louder and louder.*The result* : the more the brightness and the volume, the more rats acted high-risk behaviors, though the chance to win was lower.This means that Online Gambling Addiction starts as a will of the Mind, but soon become an arc reflex mediated by dopamine, the pleasure substance.*Endless Games may be the door to Online Gambling Addiction.*They have poor gameplay,  continuous flow of small rewards, lights and sounds.The same as slot machines!This means a continuous release of a small amount of dopamine, that may create addiction.*Follow my Snapchat Educational Stories live at ivan_psyDigital*Parenting Tips on Google Plus: Digital Parenting Tips on Medium: Twitter @IvanPsy: LinkedIn: YouTube channel:  Here is my web blog; Agen Bola ( ) Send private email
Sunday, December 15, 2019
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